Point Wells

Milestones Set Stage For Continued Discussions with City of Shoreline; Greater Public Input

Following the Washington State Growth Management Hearings Board’s approval of Snohomish County’s compliance efforts regarding Urban Village amendments, and the Washington State Court of Appeals decision confirming the vested status of the Point Wells Urban Center application, Point Wells can theoretically be developed either as an Urban Village or as an Urban Center.

(See News and Events for more information on these project-related milestones)

The owner of Point Wells, BSRE Point Wells, LP, is working with the City of Shoreline and the County to determine the best way to proceed with the property’s development.  As this effort progresses, the opportunity for even greater public input and comment will be an important part of the approval process.

BSRE Point Wells is proposing to transform the site from a century-old petroleum products distribution facility into a model urban community.  Following environmental remediation of the site, Point Wells would be developed in phases over 20 years. It would provide new public access opportunities to two-thirds of a mile of sandy beach along the shores of Puget Sound, parks and other public amenities, on-site retail and services, and other features for residents of Point Wells and surrounding neighborhoods.