Point Wells

BSRE Point Wells, LP continues discussions with local municipalities

BSRE Point Wells, LP, the developer of the proposed urban center at Point Wells, continues discussions with the City of Shoreline, theTown of Woodway and Snohomish County regarding the future redevelopment of Point Wells following rulings by the Growth Management Hearing Board (GMHB).

The GMHB decision grants Snohomish County one year to take action to amend components of its comprehensive plan, which designated Point Wells as an urban center. Because BSRE Point Wells submitted complete permit applications to Snohomish County prior to the date of the Board’s decision, the county’s review of the application continues despite the ruling.

BSRE Point Wells’ plans for long-term redevelopment of the 61-acre industrial site into a signature mixed-use residential community will be supported by further engagement with local municipalities and transit agencies to address traffic, transit and other considerations.

“Prior to the March findings by the GMHB, we had already initiated conversations with municipalities and agencies addressing concerns aired by the board’s ruling,” said Gary Huff, an attorney representing BSRE Point Wells. “We have made slow but steady progress, but we believe we are on the correct path.”

Among the elements under discussion include transit services and a new Sounder rail station at the site. Huff said that a mutually-beneficial outcome–a municipal agreement with Shoreline, Woodway and BSRE–would be presented to the County for possible adoption as part of a development agreement with BSRE.

Huff believes the eventual Environmental Impact Statement of the project and proposed mitigation, as more fully developed and memorialized in a development agreement, should largely resolve concerns raised in the appeal to the GMHB.

The proposed project, which would be developed in phases over 20 years following clean-up of the site, would transform the current petroleum products and storage facility into a model urban center. The new community would provide new public access opportunities to the 2/3 mile of sandy beach, parks and other public amenities, on-site retail and services, and other features for residents at Point Wells and surrounding neighborhoods.

The GMHB recognized the site’s unique characteristics and potential:“By virtue of its single ownership, waterfront location, and 180-degree views over the Sound to Whidbey Island and the Olympic Mountains, the site presents a unique opportunity for creation of a mixed-use, residential/commercial community. BSRE presents an attractive proposal modeled on successful development in Vancouver BC. BSRE envisions lively and dense urban development incorporating innovative sustainability measures for reduced energy use, walkability, stream daylighting, shoreline restoration, water reuse and recycling, and the like.”

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