Point Wells

Supreme Court affirms January 2013 decision

Washington State Supreme Court affirms January 2013 decision by Court of Appeals; BSRE Point Wells, LP  Urban Center Application remains vested under Urban Center Code.

BSRE Point Wells, LP was pleased to receive the April 10 ruling of the Washington Supreme Court which affirmed the prior decision of the Court of Appeals and dismissed challenges to its ability to proceed with the processing of its Urban Center development applications.
In a 6-3 decision, the Court summarized its ruling as follows:

“BSRE’s development rights vested to the plans and regulations in place at the time it submitted its permit applications. Developers’ rights vest to the ordinances in effect when a complete permit application is submitted. The plain language of the GMA (State Growth Management Act) indicates that a later finding (that Snohomish County’s environmental review should have considered an additional alternative to the land use designation adopted by it) does not affect rights that have already been vested.”

With all issues regarding the vested status of its applications resolved, BSRE Point Wells intends to continue to work with the City of Shoreline regarding the identification and mitigation of traffic impacts, and with Snohomish County in the drafting of the project-specific environmental review documents which will inform the County’s decision regarding this proposed development